Standard Push-On Tags

Macore push-on tags provide an attractive art option for shrub and small tree product. The combination of a large photo space with our data library creates a strong seller for your plants. They are designed to stay attached onto different product types as they sell for you and your customer.

All three of these options take advantage of our woody ornamentals photo and data libraries. Macore can easily modify our Standard products with grower specific information. We can also design any custom look you need– see sample images at bottom of this page. Let us help you make your retailers LOOK THEIR BEST!

Q Series


1 ⅞" x 4"

R Series

The R1 tag is a simple, economy method to sell and inform with a photo and dash of color too. Basic information is on the back of the tag.


1" x 3 ¾"


Our R0 tag is our black ink only option that is used for basic varieties that sells in unique, low-key situations. We also find these tags used a lot by Head Growers to manage plant or treatment identification in the fields.


1" x 3 ¾"


Custom Push-On Samples

All of our Standard push-on shapes are used for many custom programs. Give us a call so we can explore the possibility of lifting your presence on the retail shelf!

Before you get started

Large Order Notice

This site is optimized for typical online order quantities. For large orders, (orders larger than ~200,000 tags), please contact us to take advantage of volume pricing and optimal freight cost.

Shipping Requirements

Our online storefront supports orders shipped within the United States. International orders can be placed by contacting us at 800-331-9555.