About Us

Hello Fellow Plant Lovers!

There are certain characteristics of a supplier that are highly valued but not always found. Macore works hard to bring these essential components to the order process and the final product:

  • Service – We handle the details. Our communications, creative solutions, and flexibilities keep us focused on your success.
  • Quality – Over 50 years of experience is leveraged into our designs, materials and production process.
  • Value – Combining our service and quality standards with dependable, competitive pricing creates real value.

Here are just some of the common scenarios we work with:

  • Create a branded look for medium and large growers.
  • Fill orders for Standard tags with modifications (logo, UPC, etc.).
  • Manage unique plant tag programs and designs for special product lines.
  • Work with suppliers (i.e. Ball Seed, etc…) to print tags for licensed, branded products.

You’ll find creative resources at Macore that could be working for you soon. We look forward to hearing from you soon and partnering in your future success!

All the best,

The Macore Team

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PO Box 338
Lafayette, OR 97127

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354 4th Street
Lafayette, OR 97127

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